Weekend redux

Well, my first week of blogging has come to an end. How did I do? Maybe they’re a bit too long, but really, are any of you who know me IRL surprised?

So, the week’s wrap up:

The lie in the Seven Minute Narrative: I never tried out for the women’s Olympic softball team. Most of my students guessed this correctly. Not because I’m so open with these random details of my life, but because they have a hard time imagining the “middle aged,” chubby woman who stands before them as a hardcore athlete. I could blame this on changing values and mommyhood, but in all honesty, I was pretty much over the whole softball scene by the time I graduated college. If I hadn’t met my husband, who still loves to play the game, on the softball field, I probably would have walked away from it completely in my early 20s.

Little Miss G and her note from the teacher: Little Miss G insists that she couldn’t finish her work because the kids were too loud and distracting. This could very well be true, but we explained that she would just have to concentrate harder and keep going until she was finished. In a follow up phone call with her teacher, Mrs. V agreed, so she said she’s going to offer Little Miss G a choice to move somewhere else in the room when they are working. I was satisfied, but LMG must make a better effort, and we made that clear to her. In our discussion, it also came out that LMG also had two “yellows” this week. Yellows are behavior indicators. A green day means you were good all day. A yellow means there were some issues. A red means someone is in for a long day and a long night at home. Two yellows in one week?? That hasn’t happened since the first week of school. I’m not sure if LMG is going through a phase, or what, but a note from the teacher and two yellows makes for a not-so-good week at school… for me. She seems completely oblivious to all of it.

I realize that not much has been said yet about Super L, the younger of our two girls. This will change, I’m sure. With her, it’s not so much what to write about as what not to write about. Now she is the artist in the family. She’ll create her art on anything that is made of paper, or is white, or flat, or all three. Which means we have her masterpieces all over our walls. Little Miss G never ever drew on the walls because we never let her. I told her that all of Super L’s artwork is a testament to how little supervision she gets compared to what LMG had at her age. It’s a good thing we don’t have three. She/He would probably be walking her/himself to the babysitter’s by now.

I also wanted to ask any of you who pray to please send up some for one of my most special friends, “R,” who was double whammied with the flu and pneumonia this week. Both. Simultaneously. Can you imagine? R, if you’re reading this, say a prayer for yourself and get some rest.


One thought on “Weekend redux

  1. I would never have guessed you didn’t get an Olympic try-out for softball. I thought that one was a given! And thanks for the prayers. Today was really tough. I had to speak at our “True Love Waits” celebration service. I literally SWEAT through a shirt and a suit coat. Pneumonia is not to be trifled with!

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