Super L, deux

So my “baby” turns two this week. We’ve already celebrated on Saturday with cake, ice cream, and an extended family who loves her. What more could a girl want? She received some pretty spring outfits. Actually, Aunt T and I picked out the exact same outfit. I must say, Aunt T has some darn cute taste in clothes. I love everything she buys the girls. Cousin L and her family bought her a cool princess step stool and a veterinary hospital that comes with it’s own plush animals to be nursed back to health. Little Miss G has been fighting Super L for this toy since she opened it. Papa gave outdoor and indoor gifts, including more crayons and coloring books, 3D view-finders with sound effects and sidewalk chalk. Daddy and I gave her a horse and doll set, a squishy pig-ball, some clothes, animal figurines. We also bought her a new small backpack (my choice) because, hey, when you turn two you start earning your keep around here. She can carry her own pull-ups and sippy cups from now on. We also bought her and Grace matching Star Wars light sabres (daddy’s choice, can you tell?). He’s already mentioned that perhaps he should take them away. Gee, that only took four hours.

But really, what can I say about this kid? She’s just so…her. Second children are always being compared to their older siblings. Even if we don’t voice those comparisons, it happens. I can’t imagine how a parent avoids it. Super L made her differences from Little Miss G clear from the very beginning and those differences are even more apparent, even though L tries to do everything G does. It takes awhile to get out of the habit of always comparing your own children to one another. I’ve tried to make a concerted effort to stop doing that as much. But when I try to describe this kid, I’m left speechless. Sweet. Smart. Funny. Tough. Demanding. Loving. Nurturing. Aggressive. Observant. Soft. Pretty. Strong. Unique.–Super L.

The creative writing juices just haven’t been flowing this week. Maybe they haven’t thawed yet. Maybe I’ve been too busy to do much reflective thinking. I wish the weather would decide to be winter or spring. I vote for spring.


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