I am still here

I know that it is dangerous for a new blogger to be gone so long, lest I lose all my readers. But honestly, my life has been about nothing except for grading papers, driving in bad weather, sorting laundry, and a never ending supply of dishes. Don’t we all read each other’s blogs to get away from that kind of stuff. Anyway, it’s only Saturday and it feels like Sunday because yesterday was yet another snow day! Woot! For those of you who say that teachers have it “easy” because we have so many “vacations,” and snow days, let me just say that however excited kids are about snow days, teachers are usually 3x happier, because we need a break from it all just as desperately as they do. Anyway, today’s plans are ceramics class and substitute teaching a 3 year old Sunday school class (on Saturday night). I’m sure I’ll have something to blog about when I get back.

And now, Super L, in the sweet little voice that only she has, has just beckoned me from the top stairs, “Mommy come back.” My heart is melting. I cannot resist. I must go. I promise I’ll try to be a better blogger this weekend and in the upcoming week.

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