This day ROCKS!

Today was a working mommy’s dream day. I’m convinced that God is rewarding me for all my jumping exertions in church yesterday. Here’s why:

1. Hair goddess/next door neighbor N stopped by to chat and give Super L her birthday gift. She had the afternoon free. So did I. This never happens.

2. J.C. Penneys is currently having a HUGE winter clearance sale. Now see #1.

3. Payday is tomorrow. Now see #1-2 .

4. My husband agreed that I should go look for a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. I offered to take Little Miss G so that he would have an easier time of it while I was gone, but he said she didn’t have to go if she didn’t want to.

5. I asked Little Miss G if she wanted to go shopping at the mall, and she said no which meant I got to shop without kids.

6. At JC Penney’s there were dozens of dresses in my size that I loved. This never, ever happens.

7. I picked out six different dresses and headed to the dressing room, very very cautiously optimistic. I was thrilled to discover that they all looked nice on me, but two of them I needed a smaller size. By now, I was almost high from all the euphoria and practically convinced that this was all a dream.

8. This finding/changing/trying on dresses had only taken about 30 minutes total, and N’s daughter, Sweet L, was perfect the whole time.

9. New dress selection will not require purchase of new shoes, undergarments, or even pantyhose.

10. I believed this new dress to be $70. It rung up at $44.

11. A new shirt and tie for John also rung up at $44. That’s two wedding outfits for less than $90, folks.

11. Lunch was a yummy, freshly made Aunt Annie’s original pretzel.

12. When I arrived home, the house was still clean, Little Miss G was satisfied with the ice cream I bought her, and Super L was still napping, so she won’t miss me when she wakes up.

13. I still have time to write this blog, do a few more loads of laundry and some homework before the Oscars come on.

I’m wondering if I should go out and buy some lottery tickets. I am sending up a huge and sincere Thank you, Jesus for letting this mommy have such a good day, guilt free.

* I realize that most of my moments of celebrations were based on superficial things like shopping without children, clothing, and money spent, but I know that any mommy or husband to a hard-working mommy (and ALL mommies are hard-working mommies) will understand my delight at such an unexpectedly delightful afternoon.

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