Sweet victory

I have broken the blog silence to make a projection of victory over the veritable mountain of laundry in my basement. Exit polls indicate that about 85% of the laundry has been laundered, and it looks as though I have reclaimed towels and clothing that I’d forgotten I had because it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. Part of the remaining 15% represents those pesky specialty items, like sweaters and delicates. These are the swing items that never seem to make it off the laundry room floor and into the washer unless I want to wear one of said items specifically. Now, usually with 85% of the results in, victory is often a foregone conclusion, unless it is a very close race. I am merely making a projection of victory because only 30% of aforementioned laundry has been folded and put away. This could be the deciding factor in this race. All in all though, it IS nice to see my laundry room floor, and this has been a long, hard fought contest that has taken me the better part of 3 weeks (including two long weekends and 3.5 unexpected snow days) to accomplish.

By the by, we’ve been watching a good deal of the primary coverage for the past several months. Can you tell?

2 thoughts on “Sweet victory

  1. Comedy Central I have plenty of… prozac? not so much. After a 5 day weekend (I’m not complaining) two of which were gloriously warm and three of which I’ve been cooped up with the girls (ok, maybe I’m complaining a little bit), I am feeling a bit schizophrenic… the mommy is happy to be home but tired of playing referee, the teacher is worried, the student is relieved, the wife just can’t wait to get out of town with the hubby this weekend. All in all, it’s been good, but I needs me some diversions outside my house… But I don’t feel like scraping off my car.

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