“Mom, I know about babies.”

This is what Little Miss G said as we were driving to Walgreens this evening. A conversation opener like this could lead to anything since LMG is in school now, and I can’t exactly monitor everything she learns from the other kids. Expecting the worst, I asked, “Oh yeah? Tell me about babies.”

“Well, when ladies have babies in their tummies they have to be really careful when they eat chicken because if the baby is awake in its mommy’s tummy, if its eyes are open, the chicken might get in the baby’s eyes and hurt them very badly. And then the baby will cry and the mommy can hear him, but that’s okay because that’s what happens. So mommies have to be really careful when they eat chicken. That’s why when I grow up and I have a baby in my tummy I’m not going to eat chicken. Then when the baby is born I’ll eat chicken.”

“That’s what happens when mommies eat chicken, huh?”


She either knows far more about babies than I do, or this is the most elaborate excuse for not eating chicken ever invented. I’ll let you decide.


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