Uh oh. And double uh oh.

I’ve just realized that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, and I don’t have anything green to wear. Correction: The only green thing I have to wear is a t-shirt with the word “WITCHY” printed on it that I wore as a lame excuse for costume to a Halloween party. Somehow I don’t think my principal would approve of that wardrobe choice. Although it would be very apropos at times.

I’m not Irish, but I don’t think that’s much of an excuse. Shall I venture over into the dark side of the closet and raid John’s wardrobe? Eek! I know he has a gawd-awful green windbreaker with a giant yellow A on it (yes, in the Oakland A’s style, but this was for a softball team called Andy’s A’s). I think I’d rather be pinched all day than wear that.

Hmmm… this is not exactly what I wanted to have puzzling through my mind before I went to sleep tonight.

In other news, all paper grading has been accomplished!

But now the Double uh oh. I can’t find two papers I thought I had. Normally I’m very confident about the whereabouts of my students’ papers when I bring them home. I do not lose my students’ work. I was shocked, however, to discover that Super L had got her little hands on one research paper and “decorated” the entire title page. I am still baffled at how she accomplished this, and I am beyond mortified because I see this as a total lack of professionalism. I want my students to know that I respect their work enough to treat the acual pages respectfully… and now here’s my 2 year-old’s artwork all over the top page. I suspect that this student will only find it funny… but still it bothers me.

Anyway, the fact that Super L got ahold of one paper makes me wonder if the two missing papers have met a similar demise. I’ve looked everywhere except their bedroom because I refuse to wake them up on this reconnaissance mission. Not on a Sunday night when I have to get up at 5:30 a.m.

And especially not when I already have to worry about what pinching-prevention attire I’ll have to come up with at such an early hour.


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