Letter to my adult daughter

Little Miss G,

Tonight I’ll try to write to you as the woman you will be when you read this, not the little girl you are as I write this. Tonight as I sit here, I wonder where you will be when  your eyes pass over it for the first time. Right now you are asleep on the couch with your daddy. I hope that wherever you are that you are as close to your daddy as you are now–or, hopefully, even more so. One thing I pray for is that you will fall in love with and marry a man who is as good to you as your father is to me. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary, and I have never been more secure and sure of his love for me than I am right now.

Relationships don’t always work that way. They will go through ups and downs. Periods in which one person takes more than they give and then gives more than they take. Times when it has been days, weeks–maybe longer since a romantic look, or touch, or word has been exchanged between you. It’s ok. It does not mean that love is not there.

When you have someone who will smile at you when one of your favorite songs comes on, someone who will do something to make himself look silly to others because he knows it will make you laugh, someone who will make sacrifices to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish for yourself, someone who respects and values your opinions, who wants to know what you think, a man who cherishes you the way your father cherishes you now–then you have something special. Your father has given those things to me for the past 13 years. And he is more than I deserve.

Someday I will be able to tell you why I owe so much to your dad. I thank God that he came along when he did. There were others before him who I thought I’d be with forever, or who I thought was perfect for me. I’m not sure that I believe that there is a single person who is “meant” for us… I think to an extent we choose, and we live out our choice everyday thereafter. We honor the fact that someone chose us. I am thankful that your dad chose me. I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed my daughters with a father who will show them the kind of love they should hope for and wait for before choosing a spouse. And I am so humbled that God has blessed us with you — the precious, beautiful daughter that you are.

With much love tonight for the woman you are years from now,



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