Not sure if I should write this.

All this evening I’ve been debating on whether or not to write about what has been on my mind since about 11:30 this morning. I’ve decided to go ahead and do so because I know that a lot of truly good, caring, compassionate people are out there who will take the time to care. And then I hope that maybe there are a few out there who I don’t know about who will do the same.

Tonight one of my students is experiencing a pain that I do not know–the pain of losing a father. It was sudden and unexpected. I’ve only been teaching for five years, yet this is the fifth student I’ve had who has lost a parent during the year in which they’ve been in my class. I’ve felt deep sympathy for each and every one. The young man who lost his father today is such a good-natured, likable guy. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about him, and I’ve seen in him a generous and kind-hearted soul. He doesn’t know that I see that in him because I’ve never told him. I should have by now. All day my thoughts have been with him, and I’ve found myself running back over the last eight months in my mind, since August when he was one of 150 new faces in my classroom, wondering if I’ve ever said anything that was less than loving, caring and kind to this kid. If I have, I regret it deeply.

It reminds me that in the course of our busy days, we may know the people we interact with very well or not at all, but in either case, we don’t always know what their situation is, or what it will be. We are all fragile, precious souls. We will all be hurt and broken-hearted at some point in life. I wish we could remember this when it’s so easy to gripe, or nag, or complain, or tease, or dismiss without giving it a second thought.

I know a lot of my students have lost parents, brothers, and sisters. It’s so much more common than what people realize. But tonight my thoughts are with this particular young man. If you are so inclined, please join me tonight in lifting him up in prayer.



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