Things Ron has seen me do.

I am dedicating this blog to one of my most loyal readers and taking a much needed trip down memory lane. So without further ado:

1. As a eighth grader, I beat Billy Walker (who was a senior) at a bobbing-for-apples race… Billy had a big ego. The look on his face was priceless to realize he got beat by a *girl* in the junior high. It felt good to score one for the “Little Wilburs.”

2. I once chugged a bottle of root beer in about 10 seconds at JPL.

3. While standing knee-deep in the (very cold and very swift) Pecos River, I caught my friend Clayton and kept him from slipping and subsequently ending up about 50 feet downstream. This was even after he was trash talking me for being slow. Good thing I was standing behind him. God saw it, and I will be rewarded accordingly ;-P

4. My friend Melanie and I sang a song about vomiting from car sickness to the tune of the “Toys-R-Us Kids” commercial to our church congregation. Oh, yes we did.

5. Played steal the bacon for blood in the fellowship hall. I believe I may have even tackled or been tackled by Brian Roberts once.

6. Eat a cinnamon bun as big as my head.

7. Incur a black eye one weekend and then a broken hand the next from two different softball games. And then a broken nose later that summer. Good times!

8. At Santa Fe ‘Fuge, I got all giggly and goofy over a guy named Star. No joke. What was I thinking? Not only could I not understand a single word he was saying because he was from deep deep DEEP Louisiana, but the dude’s name was Star. Thank God for unanswered prayers. And lest you think I was only about the cute boys, I also met friends named Reid, Rayne and Ross on that same trip.

9. I know none of you will believe this (hahahahaha) but when I was younger I was a bit of a chatterbox. Ron has listened to me talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk…. and so on and so forth.

10. Grow up.

Thanks for all the good times, Ron!


One thought on “Things Ron has seen me do.

  1. You are welcome, my dear friend. Oh the memories! And now you are far down the path of becoming who God intends for you to be. Keep walking! (And stay out of the river…)

    You are loved,

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