It’s a circle thing.

Last night, I informed my brother that he was about to witness a momentous occasion–Little Miss G’s first t-ball game. I’ve played softball since I was 8 years old, and my husband and I literally met on the softball field. Now our oldest child, who wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for this sport, was about to play her first game. It was, I told my brother, a circle thing.

The highlight of the evening is when Little Miss G took the field… playing shortstop… for a game her team wasn’t even competing in. Hey, she was there, she had her glove, she was ready to go! When her team actually did start to play, she played catcher, right field, and pitcher.

At first she was a bit frustrated because, in her words, “Mommy, none of the balls are coming to me!” That is what she was telling me when this pic was taken. The best was the inning she was pitcher. It’s t-ball so she didn’t actually pitch the ball. What she did do was field a ball that was hit to right field. Yes, you read that correctly. My daughter, playing pitcher, outran the first basemen, second basement, right fielder, and center fielder, and came up with a ball hit to right field. She was the pitcher. It was great.

She also batted twice and got a hit both times. She even crossed the plate on the second at bat. Super L was very impressed, as you can see.

Not only was it funny, it was sweet, and cute and I was proud. What fun, what fun!

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