Mother’s day was interrupted…

… by some seriously crummy weather. We had planned to take the kids to a park or some other kind of outdoor fun. I would make a wind/weather joke, but there have been so many weather-related deaths and tragedies, that I probably shouldn’t. Suffice it to say that the wind was so strong that even I didn’t want to drive in it, let alone get the kids out. Since my mom has a 70 minute drive in good weather, we just decided to postpone our Mother’s day outing for this weekend. The tentative plan is to go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Something I’ve been wanting to do since our tulips bloomed… I’m afraid all the good blooms will be gone, and we’ll hit the spring/summer transition. But, perhaps since it’s been so cool, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Either way, the MBG are always beautiful, so I won’t be disappointed. I highly, highly recommend going in June to see the lotus blooms. They are, simply put, stunning.

So, what did I actually do on Mom’s day? I cooked a nice breakfast just for me and John and the girls. Then I cooked dinner for my hubby, kids, and mother-in-law. Then I baked cookies. It was nice to spend an otherwise quiet, stress-free day at home, just being with my family and feeding them, which is exactly what I needed after this past month. We went to Target that evening and picked out some new patio furniture (my Mom’s day gift) that I’ve had my eye on.

Oh, and I wanted to say that on Saturday, I saw Jersey Boys at the Fox. It was great (if you can handle a little profane language). The music and singing were awesome. I know it’s before my time, but I loves me some Frankie Valli. The best line was: “Marriage isn’t love. Marriage is taking a shave while your wife sits on the can clipping her toenails.” C’est vrai, c’est vrai.

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