The tale of the pink bracelet [as reported by John].

Yesterday during recess, Little Miss G found a bracelet on the playground. She asked the playground monitor what she should do with it, and the monitor told her she could keep it since it’s just a little pink plastic beaded thing. Well, I suppose LMG also lost it during the recess in which she had found it. Fast-forward to 3:30 when school is dismissed. John was waiting for LMG outside the school in the usual place, talking to Donna. Donna’s daughter “A” and LMG are best friends. Donna’s youngest daughter “C” always picks up A with Donna.

By some strange twist of fate, C found the very same bracelet that LMG had found and then lost. When LMG came out of the building she noticed that C had “her” bracelet. She was trying to tell John that C had her bracelet, but John was trying to quietly convince G to let C have it. Unfortunately, Donna overheard John and LMG’s conversation and insisted that C give the bracelet to LMG. Now, C is 4 years old. One does not find beautiful, gorgeous, princess, pink bracelets often, and every 4 year-old knows it. She was absolutely heartbroken. There were tears. There was crying and pleading. There was stomping of feet. All this time, John tried to talk LMG into letting C have the bracelet, but G insisted it was hers. So, wisely, John said, “Ok. Let’s go.” John said as Donna pulled away, poor little C was still crying.

I say that John was wise because he knows our daughter, and he knew what was going to happen next. As John and LMG drove home LMG didn’t say a word. When they pulled into the driveway LMG asked John if he would buy her a new bracelet. John said no. John said that he tried to get her to go inside, but she sat outside in the car by herself crying. Finally, she came in and went to her room and cried a little bit more. He kept asking her if she wanted to talk about it, but she said no. Finally, she confessed that she felt bad, and she wanted to give C the bracelet, but it was too late. She asked again if John would buy her a new bracelet if she gave the “found” one to C. John said, “What if I say no, are you still going to give it back to her?” LMG said, “Yes.”

LMG gave the bracelet back to C today after school. John said it made C so happy. I asked G if it made her heart happy to do that, and she said, “Yeah” and just grinned.

He handled it so much better than I would have. I would have insisted that LMG let C have it, and we both would have missed out on her learning a difficult but important lesson. She didn’t give the bracelet to C because she was forced or prompted to do so. She did it because she realized how important it was to C, and she felt badly about taking it from her. It would have made me very happy if LMG had given it to C in the first place, but I think it was even better for her to feel those pangs of remorse for her actions. It’s something that she’ll remember the next time. She’s growing up and becoming quite a little lady.


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