A perfect day.

Last weekend we had our Mother’s Day outing that was postponed due to bad weather. I am so glad that we decided to go when we did because 1. the weather was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, and 2. it was Chinese Heritage days, which means more fun and educational things to do.

First of all, both my mom and John’s mom went. This was really special because Wanda, my mother-in-law, is in her 80s. She just can’t do outings like this without a wheelchair, but she does not have one. We were able to borrow one, and she was so thrilled to be out with the girls. The weather could not have been more beautiful–sunny and low 70s. Gram (my mom) bought them fans with their names written in Chinese on the backs. LMG was so proud of hers, I had a hard time getting her to keep it down so I could actually get some pics of her face.

We got to see Chinese acrobats do the tiger dance and the straw hat dance. After that we decided to move on because the girls were getting restless. We walked around the lake and fed the koi. The lotuses are not blooming yet, so I will be heading back in a few weeks because those are my favorite. We walked through the English woodlands and sat in the big gazebo. On the last leg of our trip we caught the end of the Chinese parade, so we got a second look at the dragon and the Chinese drums. We walked through the climatron’s tropical rain forest. By that time, we had been there four hours, and we decided we all had had enough sun for the day. Plus it was way past lunch time.

So… we headed to Ragazzi’s on The Hill. I gotta admit, after my first entire day in the warm sun this year, those fishbowl beers looked pretty tasty, but I passed. We had a nice family meal and then we headed home. Mom had a great time walking around and playing with the girls. I think the outing did Grandma Wanda some good, even though we had to be very careful that she did not get too much sun. The girls always have a great time at the Garden. And John and I–well, we were happy to finally be able to give the ladies in our lives (both the elders and the youngers) such a nice day. I will remember it for a long time.


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