4 thoughts on “Today my heart broke.

  1. Hey Denise! Long time, no talk…remember me? 🙂 Zoe, Reece, back from the TTC days? 🙂 This post struck home because we’ve moved (again) and Zoe had to finish up the school year in a new school. (We are now in Phoenix.) There have been some rough spots. I’d say something to the teacher…you have a level head about it and have reasonable expectations…even with only a week left it would probably be good to get it off your chest. My heart breaks for G though. I know exactly what you’re talking about. But maybe going through this in kinder will spare her when she is older…and she will remember the valuable lessons without the pain behind them (which is what we remember by having been older when going through it). My thoughts are with you guys!


  2. I think you should tell the teacher while making it clear that you don’t really expect the teacher to fix the situation. It’s true that you cannot protect your kids from the mean and cruel moments of life. You are there to cushion and confirm. Cushion their fall as best you can and confirm in them that they are people of incredible worth and value. Explain that people who write notes like that are trying to make themselves feel more valuable by making others feel less valuable. Mainly … love on her. Tell her that you know and you understand. Tell her that you experienced and felt the same thing when you were young. Tell her that you not only survived it but you learned from it. Remind her that school is almost over and then she can celebrate summer!

    But mainly? Hug her. Love her. Bury her in an avalanche of compassion and care. You are good at that!

  3. Denise, I’ve grown to love you and admire you so much. I know how much you love your girls. I will keep praying. Love, Sue

  4. Okay, you just left the room, so I can write some more. Thank you for confiding in me. I’ll try to always be there to listen to you just like you listened to me earlier this year. Gotta unlock the door—you goofball.
    Love, Sue

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