The list.

So, I’ve had a mental list of things to blog about, but I just haven’t had/made the time. So without further ado, here goes:

Mini-blog #1: The fabulousness of Sheri

She will never read this blog, and she never hardly talks to anybody who reads this, so I could probably say anything I want, and she’d never know. But I’ll just tell the truth. This woman is amazing. She and her hubby have adopted one child and have foster parented many others. In the seven or so years since she’s moved to more tropical climes, our friendship has only grown stronger. She was in town a few weeks ago and we got a rare opportunity to have a sit-down dinner sans kids. Of course, we still spent a great deal of time talking about them. But we also got to talk about ourselves and each other. And as usual, she’s able to hold me accountable in the most loving and encouraging way. Sometimes I really do think this lady knows me better than I know myself. And it was great just to be with her, in her presence, able to share a meal with a friend who has been so dear to me for so long.

Mini blog #2: Graduation

Our school had its graduation last weekend, and as most graduation ceremonies are, it was bittersweet. There is a core group of about seven students who I just adored when they were my students as freshmen. I’ve watched them grow from adolescents to young adults over the past four years. Some have kept in touch over the years; others I’ve watched from a distance. There are a couple whom I only got to know in the last two years through NAHS. But all of them have made me so very proud to be associated with them, and I am sad to see them go. They are all so remarkable. Some of them in big ways (star athletes, undeniable talent, big brains, fantastic leaders). But so many of them are remarkable in small ways that are easy to miss unless you’re paying attention: Their compassion. Their acceptance of differences. Their courage in the face of meanness, isolation, pain, death, and sickness. Their willingness to do much for others without public recognition. Their passion. Their convictions. Their loyalty. If everyone knew what kind of wonderful young people we have in our very typical high school, they would not bemoan the future or be scornful of today’s youth. This weekend, we graduated a class that is vibrant, bright, promising, intelligent, and prepared. And among them are a few students who I will always cherish, always pray for, and always love.

Mini-blog #3: Crappy Memorial Day weekend weather
This blog has been canceled because I’m over it.
Mini blog #4: The sounds of children
Normally when I’m trapped in my house with my children due to inclement weather (see blog #3), I go absolutely bonkers and become, like, demon-mommy. Everybody in my family knows to steer clear of mommy if I haven’t left the house in 48 hours (you can half this time if I’m doing laundry or dishes). This weekend was no exception. But as I was folding my three hundred and eighty-third load of laundry, I found myself giggling at the sound of my girls playing hide and seek together. Of course, Super L kept hiding in the exact same spot and Little Miss G was quite bossy. But hey, it worked for them. They were having a blast, and for a few brief moments, I was a kid with them. What is more cool than hiding in a dark closet, waiting to be discovered? It’s like being in a strange and mysterious land. They’ve also started a new game that I love called “Secret Agent.” I love this game for several reasons. First, I love that they have a concept of what a secret agent is. Second, it involves me but I don’t have to stop doing whatever I’m doing to play. And third, they are voluntarily quiet. Based on these three things, Secret Agent might be the most perfect indoor game ever invented. Ever. It basically involves them entering, hiding in, and then leaving the room that I am in without my actually seeing or hearing them. Of course, I do see and hear them, but I pretend not to. Every once in awhile, I’ll “catch” them, so they don’t get bored and begin playing something more noisy. Teach this game to your kids if you have any.

One thought on “The list.

  1. Well, I read your blogs and I’m telling Sheri you said mean and horrible things about her! That should get her to read your REALLY good stuff! You’ve always been a great writer. I still have some of your poems from high school!

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