Summer chronicles, vol. 1: Playing in the rain is “disgusting.”

Summer chronicles will be a semi-regular feature in which I briefly document some of the things our family is doing that typically go hand-in-hand with summer.

The midwest has had quite a bit of rain this spring, but only recently has it been warm enough that a mommy could even consider letting the kiddos play in it. I love taking walks in the rain, and Wednesday afternoon’s shower was just perfect for a little puddle pouncing. We pulled our toys inside the garage and Little Miss G was shocked when I said, “Okay! Now let’s go out and play in it!” And I stood in the middle of the driveway, arms extended and face turned upward. It felt glorious. Super L was immediately into it. She didn’t hesitate. She looked something like this:

Little Miss G, however, wasn’t convinced. “Mo-om, we have to go inside.”


“Because it’s raining!”


“So we’ll get wet.”

“Yeah, it feels good.”

“No it doesn’t.”

Now, imagine this conversation taking place over and over again with slight variations for the next 15 minutes. I had tolerated it up to a certain point and finally told her to go inside by herself if she wanted to, but Super L and I were staying out because we were having fun. To which LMG came back with my favorite line of the day:

“Playing in the rain isn’t fun, it’s disgusting.

For the record, I think playing the rain is the absolute opposite of disgusting. In fact, I couldn’t think of an activity that is more not-disgusting than stomping around, barefoot in soft green grass during a cool, refreshing, rain shower. But, there is no doubt that Little Miss G was disgusted. You can see it for yourself in this picture.

That is one seriously perturbed little girl, and I thought it was funny. Then of course, leave it to Super L, with her completely irresistible sweetness to try to make it all better.

Notice Little Miss G’s arms still firmly planted into a pout, rather than reciprocate the hug. She did get a mini-lecture on that. But overall, I was amused at how decidedly she disliked playing in the rain. This is a girl who has begged to be wet in various forms (via sprinkler, pool, slip-n-slide, water guns, bath, you name it) every day for the past month.

Yet, playing in the rain is disgusting. Just thought I’d better pass the word along in case you are some freak, like I clearly am, who actually likes it.

2 thoughts on “Summer chronicles, vol. 1: Playing in the rain is “disgusting.”

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