A day of yucky.

Today we took my mother-in-law to the hospital for a routine, minor, outpatient procedure. The girls were so extremely well-behaved during the 2.5 hour wait that I’m still trying to locate my real kids and substitute them back for the clones I obviously took with me. No, I should give credit where credit is due. They were very good and I am very proud of them. So why is this the day of yucky?

Because that is how I feel, how Super L feels, and how Little Miss G feels. It started with Super L a few days ago. Mild fever, a some diarrhea, and extra-long naps. I figured she was teething as she’s been putting in fingers in her mouth (which she never does otherwise). I quick peek at her gums showed that, yes indeed, those top 2 year molars are about to break through. So I didn’t worry. But today Little Miss G started showing similar symptoms and has been complaining that her tummy hurts. And then on the way to taking my m-i-l home, I started feeling yucky, too. So for the first time since break, this afternoon I put a movie in the DVD player, told the girls I was laying down in bed and they could come join me if they wanted to, and just waited for the reinforcements (John) to get home. As further proof that we’re not 100% well, they were quiet and pretty much just laid around watching the movie. I think we all needed a little down time.

At least it wasn’t a super-fabulous-gotta-be-outside-kind-of-weather day.

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