The epic struggle of woman-kind…

…is not with equal rights, equal opportunity, subordination to men and all that stuff. Well, I mean, we do struggle with those things, but not with nearly the same vigor, passion, and frequency as with the throw-down of all throw-downs… our own hair. I’ve had to learn that I will never, ever have long, flowing, curly chestnut locks that make me look wild, mysterious, exotic, and beautiful. God, in all His wisdom, gave that to my daughter. See?

But, hair like this comes with a price. First, you have to deal with people you don’t, or barely know, touching it. And it takes a lot of maintenance to keep it looking nice throughout the day. It also takes me about 5 or 6 attempts to get pictures where I can actually see her face. But the biggest struggle became evident quickly this summer. Little Miss G is a sporty kind of girl, but was always too hot. Well, no wonder. Her hair is like having a wool scarf wrapped around her head all the time. So, we finally bit the bullet and had it cut. Short. The result is so stinking a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e that I’m not sure that this won’t be her regular style, year round.

And these pics are just from letting it air dry… no mousse, blow-drying or anything. She says she loves it, and I don’t blame her. It seems as though she just feels better too.

Not to be outdone, Super L had her very first haircut ever. She wasn’t crazy about it. All she needed was the bangs trimmed. She barely has enough hair to cut anyway. Little Miss G was 18 months old when she had her first haircut, and it was a full hair cut. Poor Super L is 28 months old, and still has wispy hair that a barrette can barely hold on to.

It’s funny that we always want what we can’t have. Little Miss G would want nothing more than to have “smooth” hair, like Super L’s. And Super L can’t keep her hands off of LMG’s. I can see it now, in about 10 years, we’ll be going to the salon every 10 weeks to get a perm for one and a straightener for the other. Mark my words.

Thanks to Nicole, neighbor and Hair Goddess, for shepherding my little ladies into this new era of hair. With stylists like her, we have no fear.


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