Five, going on fifteen.

Sunday we went to the zoo and our neighbor Nicole and her daughter joined us. Being relatively new to the area, she had never been there before, so we had fun showing her all of our favorite places. The only thing is that the St. Louis Zoo is so big that it is hard to see the whole thing when you have younger kids. They just tucker out before that can be accomplished. The highlights of this trip was seeing the elephants, the penguins, a tiny owl, zeebras, bears, prairie dogs, a hippo, a big orangutan and (my favorite) a 5 week-old leopard. She was so sweet.  The girls also enjoyed petting the goats and guinea pigs.

Of course, this is the Pollyanna account of this trip. Little Miss G was the one who was the most excited to be going and the most miserable once we got there. “I wanna go pet the goats.” (repeat this about 20 times). As soon as we’re done with the goats, “I wanna go see the penguins” (repeat this about 40 times despite the fact that we guaranteed her we would see them, but we wanted to go through a different exhibit first). After the penguin exhibit, the flow of traffic takes you through a little souvenir shop, and that started her in on begging for a toy, and that did not stop until we left. I made a mental note that the penguins shall be the last thing we see from now on. Now, add to all that begging this response to any observation that John or I made:

Me: Oh look, that sea lion is sunning himself on that rock.

Little Miss G: How do you know?


John: We need to sit down for a minute, my legs are getting tired.

LMG: How do you know?


Me: Hey guys, wait up. Super L is lagging behind.

LMG: How do you know?

This went on and on, and frankly, between that and the begging/whining, I was about to lose it. We still had fun, but it just stinks when you try to do something fun and nice for your kids, and they spend the whole time complaining. When I asked LMG if she had fun she said yes, but then she has to point out the 2% of the day that didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to.

I guess it’s human nature, though. No matter how good things are, we tend to focus on the miniscule things that aren’t just exactly the way we want them. How does God put up with all of us. I just have one child this way and I was ready to stay and live with more appreciative beings, like frogs or something.


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