Summer chronicals, Vol. 2: “Mommy, I got a ‘skeeter bite!”

Super L is one of those poor souls who could marinate in insect repellant, and they will still feast upon her sweet little body. Conversely, Little Miss G has barely been bitten all summer. This prompts questions from LMG like, “Why did God make mosquitos have to bite?” Good question. I wish I knew because I honestly can’t think of a reason why they have to feast upon human blood. This also applies to chiggers, bee stings, and any other kind of relative discomfort insects inflict. I know, I know, it’s the whole symbiotic, circle of life stuff, but if mosquitos have to bite, then why do they have to itch? And why do they have to swell into huge whelps on some kids. The pics below show Super L’s little body. And this is the best her arms and legs have looked all summer. We do put insect repellent on her, I promise.


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