What it’s not.

It was goodnaturedly suggested to me that my last post may have been motivated by something specific, something with a name–or, more accurately, an acronym. I just wanted to point out that of course it wasn’t that.

If it had been that *I* would have been the one who would have poured/prepared four different beverages for myself and none of them would have been satisfying. It would have been me wiping my head on the floor.  Nope, all I need to get a little snarky is a little frustration added to a heap of boredom. That’s all.

In other news, John and I went shopping for Little Miss G’s birthday. Buying gifts gets increasingly tough because I am so over things like Barbie’s, Disney princesses, dress-up dresses, puzzles, movies, etc. It’s hard to buy something when you know she already has 2-3 variations of the same thing. Sometimes I have to remind myself to try to see these toy aisles as she would see them. We ended up with a nice variety of things: some frivelous, some educational, some very practical. She wants new, matching bedding with decorative throw-pillows and such, so that is going to be her big gift from us. We found some super-cute rainbow quilts at Target. They’re very bright and cheery,and will match virtually any paint color or accessories. The girls will be getting bunk beds within the next two weeks, so Super L is moving into a big girl bed very soon.


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