Suck it, Geek Squad

If I bought a brand-spankin’ new wireless router and then paid The Geek Squad to come out and install the thing and network my computers (for a total cost of nearly $245 for equipment and labor), is it expecting too much to be able to sit down and have all systems working without my having to troubleshoot or (horror of horrors) call customer service hotlines? Seriously, if you were asked to set up a wireless router (among other things), wouldn’t you have taken the client’s laptop upstairs and got online just to make sure the wireless connection was actually working? GAH!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Geez, Denise, you could have done it yourself. It’s not that hard. All you have to do is plug in some wires and follow some directions. Yes, I know how to plug in wires, put in a CD Rom, and follow directions. However, I need the computers to be networked (something I don’t know much about) and I need to know that everything is done correctly, because if I did it myself, and thought I did it correctly, and then everything came crashing down in mid-November when my masters thesis research has been done and I am thisclose to having the required 80 pages written… If that were to happen I would completely looooose iiiiit. The men in white coats would have to come and get me. So, it was worth the money to me to make sure that everything was set up properly and good to go. Just like most people would get their car tuned up before driving it across the country, right?

I do not have more money than time. I really don’t have either. But spending money that I (really don’t) have to save myself the stress of having to deal with technology that I only vaguely understand is money well spent. Unless, of course, the money is spent and IT DOESN’T WORK the way it is supposed to. I am trying to accomplish a ton of research this semester. I fricking *need* my stuff to work right now.

So John made the calls and registered the complaints because 1. I really am too busy, and 2. He loves me, and 3. he’s tired of hearing me cuss out The Geek Squad under my breath. It’s only a matter of time before Super L picks up some seriously colorful language. The problem is John really doesn’t have the technical lingo for computers (this would be a great segue into an joke about his age, which I hardly ever pass up, but I’m too mad to go there).  So he calls The Geeks and their recommended solution is for me to call them so *we* can do some diagnostic tests over the phone to determine if they need to send out another technician. Hello? This is precisely what I did not want to do and why I was willing to pay money to avoid doing it.

I’m sure John did not fully explain the extent of my ire, otherwise they would never have recommended that solution. That, or some hotline helper-guy enjoys throwing his coworkers under the bus. If I am going to have to spend my precious few evening hours (which are usually spent cooking, helping kids with homework, and my own school work–i.e. not leisure time) on the phone with someone trying to diagnose my computer from afar, it won’t be fun. Bottom line, I won’t be a satisfied customer until another Geek comes out and fixes the problem and does the diagnostic testing him or herself, here in my office, FREE OF CHARGE because, well, I think if you’re charging $166 for 45 minutes of work, diagnostic testing ought to just be part of the package. I’m just sayin…

Okay, I’m sorry that my first post in three weeks had to be a rant.

[Personal note to Mark R: Please don’t laugh at me for paying an obscene amount of money for what would have taken you, like, 20 minutes to do. But you moved away to Springfield (taking one of my best friends with you, BTW) and left me no choice but to rely on the (in)competence of strangers.]


6 thoughts on “Suck it, Geek Squad

  1. Hi Denise,

    I’m Matthew, part of the Online Communities team at Best Buy®. We frequently review our customers’ blog and forum posts to gain insight into their experiences to identify areas of improvement.

    I am sorry to hear about the experience you describe. I realize it can be frustrating when you do not receive the service you expect and I am disappointed we did not meet your expectations with your Geek Squad® network installation. I would like to invite you to discuss this issue with us further by emailing us at Please reference issue number 52149937 and we will do our best to assist you.


    Matthew, Community Builder, Best Buy® Corporate
    Creating meaningful communication in a virtual world.
    Issue #52149937

  2. Wow. I blogged about “Five Guys Hamburgers” once and they emailed me. Of course my blog was nice and so they offered me free burgers. 🙂 Maybe if you had been nice to the Geek Squad you’d be typing on a nice new laptop????

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