Geek Squad Rules. I, however, don’t know how to operate my own dang computer.

This is the post where I very contritely eat my words (or post) and admit that Geek Squad has done their job more than adequately, and admit with much chagrin that all I needed to do was flip a little toggle button thingy on the front of my computer and voila! everything is all right. I would like to send my deepest, heartfelt, and sincere apologies to the Geek Squad for my hasty judgement of lack of service. And this is where reasonable people everywhere (well, at least the 30 or so of you reading–it may be down to 10 after all of this whining) shake their heads and realize what a total ass I can be.

This is what happens when people like me want to use technology, but don’t want to take the time to learn how it works.

As I sit here at my kitchen table, blogging wirelessly, I fully admit that Geek Squad rules, and I suck.


4 thoughts on “Geek Squad Rules. I, however, don’t know how to operate my own dang computer.

  1. I am totally cracking up, Denise. I’m glad the guys at Geek Squad redeemed themselves. And, I’m rather impressed (and scared at the same time) that their customer service found your unofficial rant and approached you about it. I must admit, though, Orwell quotes are flying through my head right now. Next, they’ll be tapping into our braaaaaains. Ahhhh! (That last part was meant to be funny…)

  2. Tell me about it! When I first saw that comment I thought somebody had to be paying a trick on me. But then I realized that I don’t know anybody who cares enough about my blog to play such a long-winded joke.

    Knowing they found me in my teeny-tiny little corner of the internet is weird. Even if it was just to help. I guess it’s better that they just want to tap into our braaaains rather than eat them, like in “Return of the Living Dead.” I tried to come up with a good 80s quote for you, but I got nothin today.

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