Just a little friendly reminder…

… everyone gets behind and works against the clock at some point. For some of us, it’s all the time.

… parents are not *always* right, and despite what we thought when we were younger, it’s harder to deal with those conflicts when we’re older.

… going somewhere far far away with your spouse is a **wise** investment.

… do the good work that you do and nevermind if the people who should notice and appreciate it don’t. It matters to the people who surround you more than you could ever know.

… the joy you share with your children gets multiplied throughout generations.

… just when you think that you can’t possibly get more uncomfortable in third trimester pregnancy–you do.

… dogs are not appropriate motorcycle passengers.

… even if it seems like it’s a good idea to take two kids clothes shopping alone, it isn’t!

Nothing too interesting has been going on. I’ve just been struggling to manage my time appropriately. Facebook has been no help whatsoever in this endeavor. It just seems like a bunch of significant things happened this week, but none of them happened to me. Except for the last reminder. So, dear readers… I hope you have a great week.


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