“It was in that clove of seasons…”

Despite what the calendar says, nature still says that we’re still in that clove of seasons between summer and autumn. This is the bouquet Little Miss G picked for me yesterday from our yard. Summer flowers are waning but the mums are gloriously big and full; the sun is warm but the air is crisp and easy to breathe; the sky is intensely blue but the slightest breese sends a cascade of yellow leaves twirling and shimmering to the ground. I love this time of year. And lately, I’ve been down because I’ve been missing out on these kinds of days.

I have known for a year that this autumn I would have to buckle down and sacrifice to get my exit papers finished to complete my master’s degree. It was a sacrifice that I was willing to make because it was worth it to be finished. But now I find myself in mid-October without as much progress as I had hoped. It just seems as though there is always something more pressing that needs to be done. The stress of what isn’t getting done grows daily, and meanwhile the warm sunshine, cool breezes, and crunchy leaves beckon me to leave the stacks of ungraded papers and half completed research on my desk and come outside.

I have chosen to think positively and ordered my graduation cap, gown and hood. I’m actually looking forward to the work. What I am wishing for is some seriously productive time. What I need is about six weeks absent of drama, home repairs, and sickness.

So, go outside and enjoy this clove of seasons while I focus on my work and my last big push to get things done. I’m with you in spirit.

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