It’s the little things, ya know?

The tree is up, complete with a string of lights with a short at the top of the tree that keep blinking off and on, but I refuse to take off the top decorations and replace with a good string. I refuse because I have this thing about garland. My garland is wired ribbon. The garland on my tree must be perfect. It has to be all twisty and pretty and draped, peeking into view and then back again into the deeper recesses of the tree behind the ornaments. My garland is perfect right now except for that teeny spot near the bottom where Super L touched it. I didn’t see her touch it, but I can tell that she did just by looking at it. To replace that faulty string would mean having to redo the garland, and the garland is one long strand around the tree and you just don’t mess with my garland. Okay?

We celebrated the family achievement by sharing what is sure to be the first of at least a few dozen viewings of “A Christmas Story.” Actually, they watched. I listened while my nose was stuck in a book about the national reading curriculum. Those two things go together, right?

And then we wake up to snow! The girls did get a chance to play in it briefly this morning before it started melting. There are gloves and wet, muddy boots in the bathtub, so winter is officially here despite what the calendar says.Β  Is it a bad thing that I’m already hoping for a snow day tomorrow? I mean, I know it’s not going to happen, but I’ve had a fairly productive streak these last two days in terms of grading papers doing some research. I’d love to be able to keep it going with another day at home.

Finally, I managed to get through this biggest shopping weekend of the season while only going to the store for laundry detergent, cold medicine, and Christmas tree lights (yes, the ones that are shorting out). So I consider this weekend pretty successful. Especially since my garland is perfect.


4 thoughts on “It’s the little things, ya know?

  1. I won’t lie, the blinking lights are starting to get to me. It’s totally a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils. I probably would have fixed them by now except for, you know, life. (That, and, it has been a major battle to keep Super L from taking the ornaments off the tree ever since we put it up. So, if I took ornaments off the tree in front of her? Game OVER. I’d be losing my mind over the next four weeks trying to get her to leave the darn thing alone.) The fact that the tree/light/garland issue has even occupied more than 4.2 seconds of my thought-time when I have so many other things going on right now just shows how warped my priorities are.

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