Fa la LA la LA… la LA…la LA!!!

Christmas tally is as follows:

Times we’ve watched A Christmas Story this past week: 2 (LMG is a chip off the old block in the way she can quote movie lines)

Times we’ve listened to the “Mr. Heatmiser” remake by Big Bad VooDoo Daddy: 15 (love that song!)

Number of gifts I’ve wrapped so far: 7

Number of gifts John’s wrapped so far: I have no clue, but it’s a LOT.

Rounds of gift exchanges so far: 4 (work/school/out-of-town friends & family)

Number of requests for permission to buy girls a pet for Christmas: 1 (fish-permission granted)

Planned “holiday cheer” outings with friends: 3 (so far)

Number of times I’ve had to remind the girls that Santa is watching: only fifty-jillion

Number of conversations about Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus in the manger and the “real” meaning of Christmas: only 1, but it has been ongoing for at least a month now.

The only thing that’s lacking right now is that I’d really, really love to take the girls to a traditional Christmas Eve service to hear a choir sing all those beautiful Christmas songs. The church I occasionally attend does not have a Christmas Eve service. I used to love the Christmas Eve services at my old church. My girls have never been to one, and I feel bad about that. They are truly missing out. I’m looking for a  “O Holy Night,” “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Silent Night” kind of Christmas Eve.

Any suggestions?

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