Mixed feelings.

Several bloggers have been writing about those general, non-specific blues that happen in the winter lull. January-April is tough on some people, and I include myself among them. Progress on the thesis is slllooooowwwww, which is just wearing me down as the stress builds. I am SO sick of thinking/writing/talking about this that I’m about to swear off all mentions of it until I can report that a first draft has been COMPLETED. Then there will be much rejoicing. If there is anybody out there who has gone through this, I’d love to know if I’m alone in this, or if you experienced the same thing.

I would like to report some truly wonderful things that have happened or are about to happen.

First, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Ron, will be moving back to the area. Furthermore he will be pastor at a church near my home. I’ve been looking for a new church, and though I’m not positive that this will be the one, I am very VERY encouraged. Not to mention that I am so happy for him to be closer to his extended family. (By the way, that was my first attempt at linking, so if it didn’t work, I’ll just tell you that you can find his on my blogroll: I wasted time, now time doth waste me.

A good friend, who I’ve been wondering about for a long time, found me on Facebook. I love getting back it touch with people who used to be a big part of my life. I am a big believer in maintaining ties whenever possible, even if the nature of relationships/friendships change. I hate it when people “drift away,” though I know it has to happen sometimes.

I got to exchange correspondence with a truly talented and inspirational woman whom I’ve never met this weekend. She is an amazing photographer and writer. I’ve admired her photography and writing daily for about six months now. She recently took a big risk, leaving her career as a lawyer to pursue what makes her truly happy. Such a risk in this economic climate, but it is working for her because she is SMART and PASSIONATE about it, which is something I admire in people. Her blog is also over on the blogroll–chookooloonks (if my link didn’t work). Check it out if you’re so inclined.

Finally, and I know I’m tempting fate in a huge way by writing this, but I believe we are officially a diaper/pull-up-free home (except at night-time, but we’re almost done with that, too).  Super L decided about three weeks ago that she’s strictly a panties-only girl. She even uses the “grown up” potty… so we don’t even have the kiddy potty to clean and mess with. I know it’s not a big deal to you, but this is one thing that is making my life easier at this point. Woot!

Wishing you a warm week of good things!



Just wanted to let you know that I am on my second day of half-deafness. My right ear has filled up to the point that it feels like all available space between my eardrum and the back of my eyeball is full. It doesn’t *hurt*, but it sure isn’t comfortable. And I can not hear diddly squat out of that ear. Nada. Nothin. I’m not even exaggerating. All of my conversations go something like this:

John/Little Miss G/Super L/my dad/friendly person on the phone: mrf mrrlml shrifmlilfm groflim.

Me: Eh?

John/Little Miss G/Super L/my dad/friendly person on the phone: dmlrif formd tifeimf flmgflgro.

Me: What did you say? I can’t hear you.

John/Little Miss G/Super L/my dad/friendly person on the phone: FMIF FFOFRRM OFMTOLD OFLDIRFMMM!

Me: Oh, okay. (shrug)

John/Little Miss G/Super L/my dad/friendly person on the phone: *rolls eyes, shrugs, and walks away* (or at least I assume that’s what the friendly people on the phone do.)

On a more positive note. We have fish now. Two black skirt betas LMG has named Holly and Hooly–names I actually like! Their job is to swim around, eat, and crap all over the place to get that ever-so-necessary nitrogen cycle going so that the water is more suitable for other fish. Yes, fish crap is necessary to sustain other fish life. (And people wonder why I don’t like swimming in lakes. Hello, don’t you know what it takes to make life necessary in those places? Ew.) . I guess the whole keeping them alive so they can eat and poo is our responsibility. Thank goodness my hearing is not necessary for their survival, or they’d be goners already.

But they DO roll their eyes, shrug, and swim away.