Guilty pleasures.

Okay, Kelli over at Kellogues asked us to share our guilty pleasures. So here goes. Try not to be shocked by any of this, which I know most of you won’t be.

Oreo Blizzards and Wendy’s cheeseburgers are the best meal combo ever.

Steve Winwood. I don’t know why, and I don’t know when I started to like him. I think it’s just a carry-over from my growing up years listening to Y98 that I never outgrew. I will rock out to “Higher Love” and “The Finer Things” every. single. time.

Little  kids swearing. Not the kind of swearing that is hateful, but those swears when it’s obvious that they overheard one of their parents in a weaker moment and they “found” a new word to try out. And yes, I’ve had to stop myself from laughing when Libby tried a “new” word. I was unsuccessful though, I did laugh and she repeated it. Multiple times.

Hayley Mills movies. This is a pleasure I don’t feel guilty about, but as usual, makes me sound like I’m 20 years older than what I actually am.

Really good, yummy specialty teas. Yummmm…

Facials. I don’t do this but maybe once a year, but my 0h my, are they divine.

Okay, that’s about all I have time for. So, what’s your guilty pleasure? C’mon… you can tell me. It will just be our little secret between you, me, and the internets.


4 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures.

  1. Uh, Ron, I don’t think so. Kelli never blogged about Elle swearing, a pastor getting loaded at her wedding reception (although I find the idea of that mildly amusing because I think I know who performed her ceremony), and spending most of her pregnancy in very little clothing…

    Nope, that was all me. And YOU let ME babysit her. So, really, I think we all know who’s the bad influence here… 🙂

  2. My guilty pleasures (in no particular order)…
    *Dark chocolate gelato.
    *Duran Duran.
    *Hearing my 3-year-old niece giggling when she says “Birdie pooped on Papa!”
    *Ritz crackers dunked in chocolate milk. (Judge not.)
    *Any movie with Colin Firth.

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