I shall, henceforth, stop putting of for another day the things I really want to do. Not someday… not hopefully. These are things I will jump at the opportunity to do.

sing one song fabulously in front of a crowd of people

wear a sari and look beautiful in it

pray with someone of a completely different faith

go to Italy

make a concerted effort to stop fearing failure and start exploring the opportunities it creates

cultivate peace in my home

lay guilt for past mistakes down at God’s feet and walk away from it for good


smile and laugh more

dance on a beach to drums and not feel self-conscious about it at all

take more pictures

renew my vows to John on a beach

throw something beautiful on the wheel

pour love into someone who doesn’t know me, has no way to pay it back, but desperately needs it

watch more sunrises and sunsets

apologize–if I’m ever given the opportunity

write more for myself, what might be useful to my girls when they are young(ish) mothers of little ones of their own

enjoy a pint in Ireland

tell people whom I love but haven’t spoken to in a long time just how much they mean to me

exude patience

give John time, freedom, encouragement to pursue his own goals and interests (it is beyond time for him to have a turn)

let Grace and Libby see more of Jesus in me

see U2 in concert

learn to play the drums or piano

run 2 miles without stopping


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