I needs me my tax refund.

Yeah, so that last post was dreary, eh? I know. It’s all true, but perhaps I should balance it out with a report on what HAS been accomplished around here in terms of home and family… and to fill you in on some happy things that we are all definitely looking forward to this spring and summer.

First, and probably the most life-changing is we are getting a dog, an Irish setter, to be exact. We have already put a deposit on a SAweet little litter (that won’t stay little, I am aware). In the past, I  have always been somewhere between a dog-liker (not lover) and somewhat indifferent. I kind of  depends on the dog. But I am totally excited about this new addition to our family. John is a bona-fide animal LOVER and the girls are unbelievably excited.

The first big change necessitates the second big change: We are putting up a fence in our back yard. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Before I was always adamently against a fence. All our neighbors’ yards (and our’s too) are so pretty and green, and I liked the openness. But now that the fence is becoming a reality, I’m starting to see the major benefits. Life is about to get a heck of a lot easier, what with the girls getting big enough to play outside by themselves and the yard no longer being accessible from the back alley, which was always a “stranger-danger” issue for us although we’ve never had any problems, but we’ve always watched the backyard so carefully that it stands to reason that there were never any problems.  (okay that sentence was long, and horribly written, but you get the picture). The point being, the girls are 6 and 3 and they have never been allowed to play in the back yard by themselves without one of us being there because we can’t see the backyard from the kitchen or living room, and the alley is back there, and our neighborhood is VERY safe, but…just…no. The fence is going to make it a whole lot safer, and make me feel a whole lot better about just letting them go back there and enjoy their yard and their dog.

Another thing that makes me feel much better about the back yard is that we had a huge tree trimmed back a couple of weeks ago. This is the tree that dropped a perfectly healthy limb on our house last summer and did a good bit of roof and gutter damage. I was always a little leary about the tree since then, now that’s no longer a concern. The backyard and it’s condition is important to us because, well… it’s what sold us this house. We practically live back there between April and November. Our house is small but our yard is big and we LOVE it.

Last big thing that we’re still contemplating is some room rearranging in our house. Right now John and I have one upstairs bedroom and the girls share the second bedroom. Downstairs we have a playroom that is under-utilized. They use it, but not enough to justify all that space when things are getting cramped upstairs.  Sooo, we’re thinking of giving each girl her own room upstairs and moving our bedroom downstairs. The toys in the playroom could easily be given away and what they do keep could be separated into their two rooms. We’re just not sure how we feel having them sleeping upstairs (where all the doors and windows are) and us being downstairs. If we were to do this, we would deifintely want get an egress window dug and installed. But, we’re thinking about it. I have a feeling that if we do it, once it’s done, we’ll ask ourselves why we didn’t do it three years ago when Super L came along. But the fact of the matter is they don’t seem to mind sharing a room right now, and maybe we should let it remain that way until they are clearly outgrowing their singe room and start actually needing separate spaces. What do you think, internets?

Now, last but not least, all of these wonderful changes are about to happen, and my digital camera has been dead since March. It’s not the batteries, I tried replacing them and everything. I’m dying without it. I’ve already missed out on pictures of Super L’s first self-given haircut and other outdoorsy, summers-a-comin’ photo-worthy moments. I do not want to miss these next two weeks. John says I can go buy a new camera when our income tax return arrives. Considering a good chunk of it has already been designated for doggie supplies, new landscaping and whatnot, I’m ready for some cash. I’m ready…ready for lots of new, fun things.

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