One year ago today.


Since I can’t post any recent pics of the girls because my camera is broken (GRR!), I thought I’d go back to one year ago today. Which, as it turns out, according to my post from that day was A Perfect Day. I’m pleased to say that I do remember it being perfect. So perfect, in fact, we attended the Chinese Heritage Days at the Missouri Botanical Gardens again this year. I think this is going to become our Mother’s Day tradition… even if it doesn’t fall on Mother’s Day.

As for today, it’s shaping up just fine too. I am pleased with the amount of work I am getting through this weekend. I should mark it down on my calendar because I don’t say that very often.

Perhaps I should just mark May 17th as A Good Day every year…

Hope all is well with you–whoever, wherever, and whenever you are!


(p.s. If people can make something this beautiful here in this imperfect world, just imagine how gorgeous Heaven is!)


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