Thank you to my reader(s).

I’m not sure who among you is responsible for this, so I would just like to publicly thank whoever is responsible for the fact that “arabien booty shaking” has showed up in my google search analytics. I needed some amusement tonight, and that was a mild, but pleasant, surprise.

So thanks.


Making the world a better place.

To McDonalds Management,

I am utterly convinced that none of you actually eat the food that pays your salaries. Or, let me be more specific: you don’t feed it to your kids in your car. May I remind you that you are a fast food provider? The key to fast food is that it ought to be portable, for crying out loud.

I’m a working mom of two kids who takes work home every single night, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that approximately a third of my take-home pay goes directly into your coffers. In exchange for this hefty investment, I believe it is fair to expect that your child-sized cups actually hold the drink, rather than seep out of the bottom. I would be forgiving if the cup were sitting in the car for a few days. However, to find my child’s cup holder full of orange Hi-C  mere hours after having visited a McDonalds drive-thru is just unacceptable. My Toyota Corolla may not be a luxury sedan or an expensive sports car, my floorboard may be littered with french fries and Happy Meal toys. Heck, there are probably even a few melted crayons way down in the seat crevasses. But I avoid all things sticky when it comes to upholstery, and your cups are the absolute worst offenders. I’d like to point out that Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, and Taco Bell’s cups never lose their contents, so I don’t think this is just par for the course.

Much has been said about the efficiency and precision with which you train your employees to bag up their food orders. I always know the napkins are tucked slightly underneath and to the side of the burgers. Thank you. But the cups, you must do something about the cups! Please don’t try to tell me that the thinner cups are good for the environment. While I love nature, I’m not one of those crunchy moms who recycle and only use organic products, which should be pretty obvious since I feed my kids your food. So, get some decent cups or else this earth-raping mom may have to do something drastic–like, COOK!!! And use real dishes! Who wants that??? I certainly don’t! Trust me, you’ll miss me when I’m gone. Fix those cups.


Disgruntled customer