This is just to say…

That I am beginning to feel as though my blog has become the equivalent of that room in your basement, or that closet in the spare bedroom, or that nook in the garage where you dump all that crap that doesn’t really belong in other places.

I really haven’t had much to say. Or maybe I have had much to say. I do have things that I am afraid to say here. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about politics, which is something that I have deliberately avoided here. Mainly because it is my opinion that politics in this country is so devisive, and I am not willing to risk judgment for my opinions on the issues. And isn’t that sad? Not just sad that I am not brave enough, but sad that the political timbre is such that I have to fear such a thing?

I would very much like to make this blog a place of positivity and beauty. I am in complete awe of what Karen at Chookooloonks puts out everyday. She is my blogging roll model. But I am struggling to find that connection, that light, that positivity in my own life.

So, you know, I’ll be around. Hopefully with some good stories to tell soon. Until then–talk to me. Tell me what you do to connect to that light and happy place within yourself?

2 thoughts on “This is just to say…

  1. you will find your way on your blog and it is for all of us a dumping ground for our thoughts and feelings but the good thing is that the internet is not all that judgmental and hopefully neither will your readers be.

  2. Oh wow. Thank you so much for the lovely shout-out. Such a wonderful surprise.

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now. I say keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a really great writer, and I think the world needs more observations like yours.


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