December Views: I’m doing it

I just read about December Views, and I love the idea. It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t had much to say around here, and… well… I need to do something like this for myself. I was tempted to look at the photos of some of the participants before I made up my mind whether or not to participate, but I decided not to because that would only intimidate me, and so I’m just gonna do it. I’ll go back and look at their pics just as soon as I sign myself up for the project.

So, for the remainder of December, very few words, but every day a photo… a photo that means something special to me. A photo that, hopefully, will capture something that resonates with you, my friend.

If you’re curious about the photos check this out.


5 thoughts on “December Views: I’m doing it

  1. how beautiful and i love that you are doing this for yourself, its totally why i do it and why i love that so many people have joined me over the years. so lovely to meet you, xo

  2. Beautiful! And so true to do it for yourself. My feelings as well. So much going on this time of year it’s nice to let the images speak for themselves.

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