Short notes.

Every few months, the girls’ bickering, tattling, and fighting get to such a point that I feel it would be totally and completely reasonable to trade them for a half a dozen new puppies. Unpotty-trained. And shedding. It’s that bad. They haven’t been able to get out and run around for a few days because of the weather, and I’m sure that is a large contributing factor. But I have come to the conclusion that every parent needs a soundproof room.

One good thing about this rainy weather is that it gives me a good excuse not to wash my car.

Another is that my newly-planted petunias and vinca are doing great.

Last month I took my camera out to shoot some flowers, and I did something weird with the settings and now my pics don’t quite look the same. Not bad, just not the same. This makes me unreasonably nervous, which is ridiculous, because this is how I’ll learn what my camera (and I) can really do, right? But all those buttons, and settings, and numbers that I don’t understand… GAH!

A few weeks ago John decided that he is going to lose weight… and he does. He dropped about 13 lbs, just like that.  For me to lose that kind of weight, I had to follow a pretty strict (for me)  portion-control diet, give up ice cream (a huge sacrifice), and run (not walk) 4-5 times a week. And it took me 2 months. He watches what he eats through the week and eats whatever he wants on the weekend and it appears to be melting off of him. I am jeluuuus. And happy for him. He has more to go, but he looks goooood.

Today is make-it-or-break-it day for the last two weeks of school. If I can get everything done on my to-do list today, I think these last two weeks will be fairly enjoyable. If I don’t, it’s going to be a rough ten days.

We’re planning a short trip to Chicago this summer. So far we have a Cubs-Cards game and a trip to Shedd’s Aquarium on the agenda. John and I love this city, but we have never been up there with kids, so if anyone has recommendations for fun things to do with them up there, I’d be glad to hear them.

I guess it’s time to tackle that to-do list… Happy Sunday, everybody!


One thought on “Short notes.

  1. Hiya, just found your blog via chookooloonks, and your bit about trading kiddos for puppies made me laugh, which happened to be precisely the thing that I needed right now!
    And also, weird, I just had a major case of deja-vu when reading this post.

    Enjoy your week!

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