Love like rain.

I love the rain. Not the kind of rain that stretches out for days on end, but there is something to be said for a good, soaking shower. And the smell of rain is my absolute most favorite…even more than freshly washed baby smell.

I love the rain because some of my fondest memories are connected to rainy days. There is nothing better than a long walk in the rain with a friend or a loved one. And very few things in life will make you feel like a kid again more than good, old-fashioned puddle pouncing.

Two summers ago, I tried to introduce the girls to the virtues of playing in the rain. LMG was not convinced, in fact, she declared that “playing in the rain is disgusting.” But SL embraced it immediately.

But this afternoon, it was different. The thunder rolled softly in the distance, and we stood outside talking to our good friends/neighbors. Normally the girls get nervous when it thunders, but LMG remarked that for some reason she was not scared of the thunder today. Maybe it was because she was distracted with the fun she was having. Maybe it was because the thunder came so slowly and softly. Maybe it is because we’re both are so much more relaxed this week because it is the last week of school… I don’t know. All I know is that despite the gathering clouds and the low rumbling, we stayed outside for a good game of fetch with the dog.

About the time that John got home, the thunder grew louder and SL was getting nervous. We went inside and John started to prepare dinner. The rain started and came down hard. It even hailed for a few minutes, but soon let up to become a good, soaking shower.

Then, all of a sudden, even as the rain was still falling, the sun just burst forth illuminating every single drop into gold as it fell from the sky. LMG and I were out in it within seconds, and I grabbed my phone to snap some pictures.

SL was close behind.

The girls had a blast.

It was pretty perfect.

And when we came inside to eat… I found that once again the rain had worked its magic. We were peaceful. The girls ate dinner with no objections or complaining (despite the fact that it as a brand new dish they’ve never tried before). The normal bickering and tattle-telling didn’t happen tonight. LMG sat down and wrote love letters, along with pictures, to every single one of us. SL didn’t harass the dog and antagonize her sister as usual. It’s as if love comes right on down with the rain and soaks into our very skin. It has always seemed to have that effect on me, and I’m so happy that it seems to do the same for my girls.

I’m just gonna go ahead and take Milli Vanilli’s advice and “and blame it on the rain.”


3 thoughts on “Love like rain.

  1. Great pictures. I have a “rain” memory with you…remember running through the flood that was always in front of Staley Library after a hard rain? Good times, good memories!

  2. Jaime, I do remember that. I was going to write about three specific rain memories, but the post was getting too long as I didn’t want to sell any one of them short. But that was one of the three I was thinking about. That was a lot of fun… You were such a good roommate to put up with my whims. 🙂 Love you, girl!

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