joy and grace list

So Karen wants to know what fills her readers’ lives with joy and grace. I’m happy to oblige.

exercising my 80s pop music trivia knowledge;

sharing good stories, good books, and good discourse with my students;

spending sun-drenched afternoons with my kids;

wearing tennis shoes to work;

feeling sexy in just-the-right-fit jeans and a comfy sweater;

wearing my dark-brown hair messy;

laughing at my husband’s threats of deviant behavior at very inappropriate times;

engaging in loooooong conversations with ooooooold friends;

exploring old houses; studying the turning of leaves;

sitting on the front porch and listening to the wind;

breathing deep the smell of rain;

whispering in the dark;

moon gazing;

sipping loose-leaf tea;


driving or walking with my camera and my ipod;

listening to my 4 year-old sing her made-up songs;

turning on the dishwasher;

having my Saturday morning coffee in the back yard;


exchanging quotes from Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail and Napoleon Dynamite with my students;

bedtime prayers;

dancing like a fool;

roasting marshmallows;

walking the aisles at libraries in search for the oldest volumes I can possibly find and perusing the titles;

counting my blessings;

baking cornbread;

having impromptu neighborhood get-togethers;

looking someone deep in the eyes and smiling;

reaching out–reaching out—and connecting.

How about you? What fills your life with joy?