December Views-Day 6: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and flaws pretty much exist only in our minds

Four things:

1. This is Little Miss G. She is starting to look like a bona fide young lady to me.

2. I am posting this picture of her because she says she likes it. This, taken not one hour after she and I had a fairly heartfelt conversation about a physical features of hers about which she feels self-conscious. It can be seen in this photo, but as with most physical “flaws,” they simply do not exist except for in the mind of the supposed bearer of them.

3. If you are wondering why I post more pictures of Super L than LMG, the answer is simple–she is more willing to pose for me. I try to catch LMG unsuspecting, but I also don’t want to completely ambush her either.

4. I am completely geeking out about my new Hipstamatic app. This pic of LMG was the first photo I took with it.

BONUS! 5. So far, 99% of December Views 2010  has been taken with my iPhone and on the fly. This is nowhere near my polished ability or me even trying except to capture a month in the life and appreciate what I have during the holidays.


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