December Views-Day 12: Oh, Christmas tree!

I have found a new church home, and, boy, has it ever done my heart good. During the regular morning service, they played a video of a Random Act of Culture… a group of people who blended into a crowded food court at a mall and took the patrons by surprise with a powerful performance of the Halleluia Chorus. And because music just gets to me, because seeing people do something brave and share their God-given talent makes me all goosebumpy inside, yours truly here wept like a baby. It was so powerful and beautiful. That was the first crack in my stress-induced shell. It was a much needed and very welcome break.

Then last night I went to an evening Advent service.  The sanctuary was candle lit, the music was wonderful, and the Spirit was there with peace and a quiet kind of joy that can only be described as, well, divine. The stress just melted away, and now I can finally feel the Christmas spirit creeping in despite a rather terrifying pile of papers to grade, tests to write and administer, and a daunting to-do list. I’m going to try very hard not to let the stress creep back in. None of it matters half so much as the happiness and health of my family and my heart’s peace.

So, as we head into this final gauntlet of Holiday preparations, I wish your heart the very thing mine has most sorely needed–peace.



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