December Views-Day 14: Finals

It’s the last big push to get through finals. Most college students are wrapping up their semesters this week. Ours doesn’t end until December 22, which is ridiculously late in my opinion. We have a short Christmas break this year. This week we have had two snow days, and the unexpected days off are nice, but the harsh reality is that this isn’t a day off as much as a golden opportunity to finally make a dent in the horrifying amount of work I’ve been carrying home for the past two weeks. Hey, it’s kinda hard to grade while I’m teaching.

Today I am writing a final exam for my sophomore classes. It’s actually not as easy as one would expect. Still, I think I’d rather write them than take them. So, to all you students out there — study well. And if you know a student (high school or college), have mercy on their little BAH-HUMBUG souls… because I sure won’t! Juuust kidding. Seriously though, it really can be a stressful time for them, especially while it seems like everyone else is basking in the holiday glow.


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