February randoms.

1. It has been awhile since I posted a picture of Little Miss G. She is eight and a half years old now. I don’t write about her as much because, well, she’s older. And she wants more privacy. And she doesn’t bust off with hilarious, unedited commentary the way her sister does. (See below.)

2. Today is Super L’s 5th birthday. To celebrate, John took them to Dairy Queen. (I was at work otherwise I would have beent here, too.) Super L was sitting next to John, and as they sat enjoying their ice cream, John (ahem) passed gas. A few moments later, he noticed that SL had stopped eating her ice cream. When he asked her why, she responded, “It has toot on it.”

3. Tula is feeling so much better that she has reclaimed her title as Royal Pain In The Arse Extraordinare.

4. Oh, and happy belated 3rd birthday to this little ‘ol blog ‘o mine.


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