Do you hear that?

That sound?  The sound of crickets and cicadas and dogs barking and sprinklers watering and distant thunder rolling and baseball lights humming and lawnmowers buzzing and screen doors banging and ice cream trucks jingling?

That’s the sound of the last exam grade being tallied and recorded. The sound of me NOT carrying home a 10+ pound bag of work to do. The sound of being able to read a book–whenever I want to–JUST FOR FUN. The sound of my recliner kicking back and my ipod on Genius shuffle. The sound of my colored pencils gliding across the pages of my sketchbook journal. The sound of me strolling outside in the early morning, coffee mug in hand, watering my flowers. The sound of me sitting on my front porch in the early evening, sangria in hand, to watch the neighborhood and the fireflies. The sound of my laugher rising easier. The sound of my voice being more patient with my kids. The sound of me happily doing laundry, loading dishes, sweeping the floors, because I have TIME to do it. The sound of me pecking away at my keyboard trying to write something good. The sound of my camera lense snapping as I try to capture the divine in the every day. The sound of me cooking dinner for my family. The sound of my sweet husband getting to do less because I’m around to do more. The sound of me playing with the kids, becoming part of their little games and being privvy to their big secrets. The sound of me being closer to what I want to be–for myself and for them.

It’s the sound of me getting back to center rather than running around in circles.



So, how does a delinquent blogger make up for six weeks of silence? Mostly nothing much has happened, but a few big things have happened… so how about a pictoral retrospective of the past six weeks with a promise to fill in the gaps eventually?

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.

Which made us feel pretty much like this.

Scoff if you wish, but I totally saw zombies hitching a ride on a trailer on the way home from work one Friday afternoon. Behold, zombie legs:

Despite the fact that it rained a lot, the sun and clouds played quite nicely together for a few days.

We had a nice, low-key Easter Sunday.

We found a new home for Tula. Long story. Details later.

Which brings us up to Mother’s Day. Grandma Wanda is the coolest. Don’t let her age fool you one bit.

I’ll try not to be gone so long this time.