5 thoughts on “Keeping score.

    • That’s true, Jaime. You know, if this would have happened when I had a kid in diapers, it might not have bothered me so much. Maybe I’m getting soft in THEIR old age. 🙂

  1. Understand completely. Did we mention that Grace and I were on the floor at Deals trying to look for her multi-colored bead bracelet under a counter with approximately a half an inch clearance and, of course, out of reach and out of sight? An ink pen wouldn’t reach it. I found a folder and had Grace slide it under the wall and try to scoot it forward. A well groomed teenager came around the end of the aisle and barely missed my imploring her to get down flat on the floor so she could come to our rescue. Luck must have been on her side because Grace was just then able to retrieve it. And what do you think happened next? Well yes – off the wrist and in my purse for safekeeping and a reminder that she shouldn’t have been fiddling with it. To confess – if I had to get down in the position it took to find and save that bracelet I would have needed help to get up.

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