…into a new school year is always a big adjustment, and this year has been no different in that regard.

I’m off to a good start. Things are definitely different at work. In most ways better; the rest is yet to be determined.

I am happy to report that Little Miss G has been loving school this year so far. She’s in a new school, with a new teacher, and has a new best friend that I will refer to here as BWK for reasons only known to me. (HA!) Some of her former classmates are in her class this year, and that has helped her transition go well. I made a commitment to try to be more active in her school and to try to meet more parents. So far, I’ve been successful, making regular contact with BWK’s mom and two other moms I’ve come to know over the summer. BWK has already visited our house for a Saturday playdate, and it went of smashingly well, even with Super L tagging along for most of the morning.

Super L is in a new daycare and has started preschool three days a week at a Lutheran school. Every day I pray that she will not say anything too awfully inappropriate at school. So far, God has granted my prayer, but I’m sure that we will not get through this year unscathed. She went from being my sweet, mild, laid-back one to my pistol, my wild card, my oh-em-gee this kid will say anything to anybody child.  For example, she shouted at our 85 year old neighbor from across the front yard, “I’M GONNA MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE!!” while brandishing a toy pistol. Completely unprovoked and out of nowhere.

So basically, that is what I’ve been up to for the past five weeks. Summer is fading out slowly, and I am looking forward to the arrival of autumn. I haven’t had my hands on my camera in far too long, and I’m waiting on this change of seasons to give me a good reason to get back out there shooting… there just hasn’t been time. And to be honest, summer isn’t all that pretty in August around here.

About the long silence in this space, well, I beg your forgiveness and thank you for your patience.  And honestly, I haven’t had that much interesting to share.

Hope all of you (whoever trips over this little post here) are doing well!